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Plains style bows made to order

There are many tribes in the plains region, therefore there is also as many different designs and bow types used. Before the arrival of the horse the people who inhabited the plains regions used slightly longer bows than those used after. The pre-equestrian bows were typically from 50-60 inches long. After the horse arrived the bows got shorter in length significantly to 38-54 inches. Slightly over half the bows from the plains are self bows, the rest would be sinew backed. the shapes range from set back handle bows to short D bows used of horseback to hunt buffalo. 

5 curve sinew backed bow

This is probably the least common type of bow made in the plains because the bow has a slight re-curve. most would only have a set back handle.

Plains slight setback handle

The shape of this bow is not as drastic as a regular gull wing bow but non the less it was used by some of the plains tribes. the horsehair tuft is always an option for these types of bows.

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Double curve bow
plains short bow, sinew backed horse bow

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