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17th Century Sudbury style bow

This bow design comes from the Massachusetts area and is a common design used by the natives in the east coast. The bow has a wide limb shape and a narrowed handle that is thicker than the rest of the bow. The original bow is made of hickory and is about 67 inches long made from one piece of wood. this is by far an excellent design that yields high performance and is ideal when hunting the open hardwood forests.

Cherokee Style bow

Pictured below is a copy of an original bow of the Cherokee nation. These bows had a rectangular cross section and their defining feature was the diamond shaped nocks. many other tribes used these bows and were commonly made with hickory black locust, Osage orange and ash.

Choctaw style Bow

​The Choctaw style bow comes from the Alabama. The design is like a Sudbury bow except its a lot shorter and is a bend through the handle design. The shorter length makes it great for hunting and very comfortable to carry. The original bow is in the Grayson collection and is made of Osage orange. 

All are primitve bows.

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sudbury bow, native america bow, custom bows
Cherokee longow, cherokee archery
Cherokee archery, cherokee bow

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