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Bows and arrows In Stock

Here you can find some of the bows I have in stock. If you don't see what you want here check out the bows page and browse the selection to have a custom bow made for you. Feel free to CONTACT ME with any questions.

Mohegan style Recurved Bow


This Bow is modeled after a bow from the book "Native american bows arrows and quivers" by Jim Hamm and Steve Alley. The original was made out of Hickory. This particuar piece is made out of Black locust, it is a quick shooting light weight bow. The bow draws 32lbs @ 25 inches. The bow is about 54 inches in length. The cross section of the bow is hexagonal like the original bow. As you may see the nocks are triangular in shape. 


If you would like to see more pictures please contact me and Ill be happy to send you more pictures.


price: $320 (shipping to US included)



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Mollegabet bow

Ancient European design. This mollegabet is a light bow, perfect for a beginner archer. The bow is 25lbs @ 28 inches and can safely be drawn to 30 inches if needed. The bow comes with twine decorations, it is made of Hickory from a natural stave not a board and dyed in a redish color. The handle is very narrow and aids in consistency and accuracy.

Price: $210 (shipping to US included)

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Cherokee D bow

Only: $315


Cherokee style D bow with diamond shape knocks. Bow is only about 62 inches long made out of hickory, it is 60lbs @ 28 inches of draw.

Very slight recurves on this bow, some follow but also heat treated. great hunting bow. Priced reduced temporarily.

Bow comes with three ply bowstring, you can wish to add a rawhide string like the originals for $35 more. The bow is sealed with a mix of bear fat pine pitch and beeswax.


Price $315 (shipping to US included)

Plains Style Leather Quiver/bow case


Plains style quiver that is made of 2oz cow leather. The beading is done by hand and took hours. Beads are plastic. The bow case is ideal for a 50-52 inch long bow as the bow will stick out 2-4 inches. The quiver accomodates for 26-28 inch and longer arrows as well. The strap is adjustable. Only the quiver bow case and strap are included NOT the bow or arrows.

At this price you can't beat this deal.



Price: $350

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