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Welcome to my page.

My name Is Cesar Perez I'm a modern man who makes primitive bows and arrows. I started building bows when I was 14 but was intrigued by it since I can remember. I started Legionnaire Archery when I was at the university in 2010 and have been making bows for individuals, Museums, horse archers and hunters since. My passion for building bows has led me to meet many great people, it has also given me joy. I hope to share some of this joy with you here in this website.

Other than Archery I enjoy being around friends and family. I attended Cal state university Stanislaus from which I graduated. My favorite subject is ancient history, despite studying entrepreneurship which is another one of my passions. I'am a licensed health and Life insurance independent agent. if you wish to check out my other site 


Favorite quote:  Life is nothing without friendship.

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