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Here are a few of my customers from the US and around the world.


"I'm very excited to have my new Cherokee bow and arrows, made by Cesar. Very high quality, strong, and fast! I'll be using it a lot! Cesar kept me updated through the process, which was very nice. Thank you Cesar!!!"

Ronnie north, satisfied Customer

"I can't say enough good things about Cesar. I was looking for a true reproduction Creek Indian bow (similar to Cherokee bow), and Cesar did what was necessary to make this happen. Cesar helped with research to find actual Creek bows and arrows in museums. He covered every detail, and produced this bow in a very timely manner, with great communication of his progress along the way. He is a true professional who truly understands customer service. I am very hard to please, and I would not hesitate to recommend Cesar to anyone wanting a true primitive style bow made of true primitive materials."

Murray Gibson, Primitive archery Enthusiast 

"Cesar, I can't tell you how pleased I am with this last order, The color of the rawhide looks just like the white-tail rawhide I have used before. It is a pain in the ass to make rawhide every time I need it for a bow and these pieces are just what I needed to keep the look authentic. The sinew that I got from last weeks order is already on the Modoc bow I'm working on. There was enough left over that I'm gonna be able to make a sinew string for it too. The hunting arrowheads are nice and thin so they will be really easy to haft. I'll make sure everyone at the Mid-Atlantic-Primitive-Skills-Society (M.A.P.S.S) know where I got the supplies when they see the stuff I've made at the next meet. Thanks again. Kevin Crocetti Maryland Amphibian & Reptile Atlas"

Kevin Crocetti, From Maryand

"Cesar did a Lakota Prairie style bow to me. Model for the bow hanging on a museum in the U.S. And he also made 12 arrows with Trading Points to the bow. And Bow and arrows was perfect.I am a very satisfied customer from Sweden, an EU country in Norhern Europe. This bow is very very strong ,and very well made.And I would hire cesar again when it's time for the next bow. Now i have 6 bows everyone is different.It was easy to do business with cesar.Since I was a child I have always wanted to have a Native bow and arrows, and I wanted one that was so real that possible.and functioning.Cesar made ​​my dream come true, and made it even better than I thought .I am deeply grateful to Cesar for his work with the bow.!!!!!"

Stefan Wall, Switzerland

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